Why You Need Manage Affiliate Links

If you're an affiliate marketer, you've been investing time and money to do business online, and you want to get paid for it.

Manage Affiliate Links Will...

  • Redirect dead, expired, or broken links
  • Hide your long affiliate links
  • Protect your affiliate links and cloak them from thieves looking to steal your commissions
  • Redirect visitors to any page, and still get commissions
  • Redirect affiliate links to clean urls. eg. www.manageaffiliatelinks.com

100% Money Back Guarantee!

100% Money Back Guarantee!If for any reason Manage Affiliate Links doesn't help you make more money from loss commissions caused by dead, expired, or broken links, we'll give you all your money back with no-questions asked.

How Manage Affiliate Links Saves You Money!

When the campaign you are running expires you no longer receive commission and your affiliate link redirects to an "Offer Has Expired" page. You are losing commission and will never be able to recover it unless you change the affiliate link yourself. By then it could be too late and you could have already lost thousands of dollars.

Here is a sample scenario of how Manage Affiliate Links can save you money

Two Networks, both have the same campaign but with different payouts except the Hydra Media campaign has expired!

Power Juicer Campaign Hyrdra Media Market Leverage

If you spent time setting up a website and promoting the Power Juicer campaign and are using a normal link redirection software you will losing commission everyday. Click on the links below to see how Manage Affiliate Links will redirect the visitor to the backup campaign url (Market Leverage) when the original campaign expires. Notice that when a visitor clicks on the link using normal link redirection software they are directed to an "Oops..This offer has expired" page. But when the visitor clicks on the link using Manage Affiliate Links software they are redirected to the Power Juicer website still allowing you to make a commission. Watch Demonstration Video

Normal Link Redirection: Click Here

Manage Affiliate Links: Click Here

Rest assure that with Manage Affiliate Links your links will be working correctly. Instantly learn when links are broken or redirected to different landing pages, or when a link goes dead. Every link that is created is cloaked to further protect your affiliate commissions. Only with Manage Affiliate Links will you gain an edge over competitors. You will not lose money with dead, bad, expired links; and you can take action immediately to maintain potential link revenue at its maximum.

Not every affiliate can be by their computer 24/7 and check their affiliate links. Never before was it possible to know when a link was down. Manage Affiliate Links is the only link management solution that gives you so many options for your links. No more using two, three, or even four different link management scripts to suite your needs. No other link management system redirects bad links.

Manage Affiliate Links is easy to setup and install. You will be surprised how many links expire, dead, or go bad before you get notified by your affiliate network.

The consequences of dead links

Dead links not only prevent you from making money, they can also hurt your reputation. Every affiliate has experienced the consequences of dead links. You have lost out of large sums of money and your reputation has been affected negatively by the dead link phenomena. Here are a few outcomes of dead links:
Link Down Link Down Link Down Link Down Link Down Link Down Link Down

How much money are you really losing?

Lets say you are running a simple lead campaign with a $1.25/lead payout and it is converting at 25 leads a day. It's Friday night and you leave work to spend the weekend to yourself. Friday night that campaign expires early and the link goes to an "Offer Expired" page. You may not find out until Monday morning and have lost a potential $93.75! That's just a low scale example, imagine how much you would lose if you have numerous sites and are running higher CPA campaigns.
# of Websites Commission Lost (1 Day) Commission Lost (3 Days)

In an average year you could be losing $11,406.25 on one website, that's $171,093.75 a year on 15 websites!

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