There are two different redirect types available in Manage Affiliate Links. Each one has the option of stealth linking.

Basic: Basic link redirect allows you to shorten your affiliate links or extra long links while branding your website. This also allows you to cloak your affiliate links and protect your links from commission thieves.

Basic Link Direction

Basic-Stealth: Combine the basic link redirect with the power of stealth. The stealth link is loaded in the background and is not visible or known to the user.

Basic Stealth

Advanced: Advanced links allow you to set a backup URL for your original link just case the link dies, expires, or is broken. Manage Affiliate Links software checks the link to make sure it is alive when the user clicks on the link. If the link reports back alive the visitor is redirected to the original link, if the link reports back dead the visitor is redirected to the backup link. This all happens so fast that your visitor will have no idea this is happening. Manage Affiliate Links works internal and in the background so no extra browsers are opened or pop up.

Advanced Link

Advanced-Stealth: Take the power of advanced links and combine it with the power of stealth and you have a lethal combination of unparalleled possibilities!

Advanced-Stealth Link

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